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Wedding in Italy When we first started planning our wedding in '07, a friend recommended a local travel agent that they had used for many years.  We had 3 different phone conversations and a meeting in person before we realized she had no vision for our destination wedding and was very unhelpful, to say the least.  It was a very frustrating situation and left us feeling pretty lost about the idea of a destination wedding. As anyone that has tried to plan a wedding, and especially a destination wedding, can attest to it is an overwhelming process that assistance from a professional is not only helpful but invaluable.  We both work full time and were in the middle of moving to a new city.  So, we needed someone that could give us guidance, not simply Google cities. We learned very quickly that there is a big difference between a travel agent and someone that is capable of planning a destination wedding and also has the knowledge to help all of our guests! Luckily, we had another friend that had just gotten back from their honeymoon and had used Tina.  We contacted her about a year in advance and only knew at the time that we wanted to get married in Italy.  Right from the beginning, she listened to our vision for the wedding and helped with every detail including: decisions on hotels, transfers from trains and planes, location of wedding and points of interest.  This was both my husband and I's first trip to another country and we were on a pretty tight budget.  Tina made the process seamless, and we were actually able to begin to get excited about our wedding and trip with our family. I cannot say enough good things about our destination wedding and that is all thanks to Tina.  We could not have done it without her help and guidance.  Many of our family and friends also used Tina for the planning of their trip to our wedding.  Everyone had different itineraries and they all had the same positive experience. We have used Tina for other trips with the same experience and awesome recommendations. Our only regret during our wedding is that we forgot to invite Tina.  Oops. Thanks again for the memories of a lifetime. Alexis Williams Daniel Wedding at Azul Fives Tina, I wanted to thank you so much for recommending Azul Fives to me. It was an amazing resort! My whole family loved it. My wedding was absolutely beautiful ( I will send you pictures once I receive them) I honestly would not change one thing about my wedding day, it was everything that I could have ever wanted. The resort  was so pretty, I loved the villas and how the resort really wasn't just another cookie cutter kind of resort. Every one that works there is so polite and would go out of their way to help you. It was an amazing week. My whole family is definitely considering going back next October and making it an annual family reunion, and it's all thanks to you! Thank you again! Tara Honeymoon at El Dorado Maroma Tina,  We are having an AMAZING time!!!  Like everyone says, everything happens for a reason.  We could not ask for a better honeymoon.  This is by far the best vacation Melinda and I have ever taken.  We are highly confident that we are having a much better time than we would have had in the Virgin Islands.   We want to thank you for everything you have done for us.  The room upgrade (with the infinity pool) is amazing.  We enjoy this multiple times a day.  Also, we heard yesterday that you arranged a couple’s massage and spa treatment for us on the beach.  That was extremely thoughtful of you.  Tina, we are so appreciative of everything!!!  You are such an awesome person.  We cannot wait to meet you soon and enjoy drinks/dinner and getting to know you.  We will definitely contact you once we get back to let you know about our entire trip as well as to setup a date for us to meet you. Thanks again for everything!!!  We are very grateful to have such an amazing travel agent and new friend. Lots of love, Mr. & Mrs. Cody Muenster :) Honeymoon I just wanted to say thank you very much, Theresa, for all your help and let you know I had a wonderful time. “There were some big changes at the very last minute before everything was due and Theresa did an excellent job handling the situation with professionalism and kindness.  She was nothing but helpful and never made one negative comment about the unforeseen circumstances.” Wedding was amazing, could not ask for better weather.  I hope you and your family had a great Christmas.  Good luck with the upcoming New Year, have a great day! Brent P. Honeymoon at El Dorado Maroma Theresa, Great to hear from you! I am so glad you were both in great hands with Jessica. I think she's pretty great too - but I'm a little biased. I hope business is treating you well. Remember, if you have couples looking for resort in Playa Del Carmen, we loved the El Dorado Maroma on Maroma Beach. Their staff was so excellent and made our honeymoon great. We appreciate all your hard work and helping make our honeymoon one to remember. Thank you. Gary W. Honeymoon Thank you Terrific trip!! Resort was excellent. Good 80 + weather. We appreciate your professionalism and the fact that you knew so much about the resort. That helped us so much. Thank you,  Dwight N El Dorado  Seasides Wedding and Honeymoon Tina and Val, Thank you so much for all you two did to make our experience so enjoyable! It was so perfect, Everything about it! Everyone was so amazing at the resort and Patty took excellent care of us once we were there! Thank you for all you two did to make it happen! I appreciate all your hard work and everyone is already wanting to start planning a return trip! Everyone has been so accommodating starting with the two of you and including all the staff at Seasides. We were blown away daily by how hard everyone works there and how hospitable you all have been. Thank you for allowing me to relax and not worry about things getting done. I knew I could trust the two of you and everything was just so easy. The way it should be! All our guests had the most amazing time too! Tyson and I have been having Cancun withdrawals and cannot wait to return! :) Thank you, Thank you! Much love, Lindsay and Tyson  Wedding at Azul Fives Tina & Valeria, Wanted to say thank you for making Samantha and John’s wedding beautiful.  We appreciate all your attentions and patience with our group of people.  It was lovely from start to finish, the Azul Fives was great. Un abrazo, Norma Wedding at El Dorado Royale and Honeymoon Good morning ladies! Well, we are back in the states and already missing our casitas suite :-( I wanted to let you both know our wedding was better than expected.  In fact we both agree that it was the best day of our lives so far!  The wedding staff was amazing and so helpful to, not only for Andrew and myself, but our guests as well! We will be recommending El Dorado for any bride that is considering a destination wedding for sure. We can't wait to go back! With love, Kenna Marcus (Collins) Wedding at El Dorado Seasides The resort was beautiful and the service was outstanding! The wedding happened without a hitch! Thank you for such a memorable experience.  We hope to return one dy to El Dorado Seaside Suites. Thank you, Ivon O. Honeymoon at El Dorado Maroma Tina is a fabulous travel agent. I was referred to her through a friend of a friend and it was a great experience. We went on our honeymoon in December 2011 and we just had 4 days and planned to go to an all inclusive resort in Mexico. Tina recommended the Maroma resort, which is a small boutique resort in Riviera Maya. She told us she had stayed there several times before and highly recommended it. She was even able to upgrade our room once we got there. The resort did not fail to impress. It was utterly amazing and so relaxing. It was very private and beautiful and the staff was quite friendly. We had a wonderful honeymoon thanks to Tina and she is a delight to work with. We will continue to use her for all of our travel needs in the future.   El Dorado  Seasides Wedding I just wanted to take a moment and let you both know what a fabulous trip we had! El Dorado Seaside Suites was a wonderful recommendation and the resort was so beautiful. The grounds, rooms, food and drinks were amazing and the staff, all around, were fantastic! Our wedding ceremony and reception went so smoothly……everything was so beautiful….. and I was super impressed with our onsite wedding coordinators,  Patty and Paula. So professional, accommodating and detail oriented.  They were incredible!  The food at the reception was some of the best we had!!  And the DJ/MC were awesome! Tina, the cocktail party location was perfect and a really nice touch.  Thank you! The weather held out for us and all our family and friends who were able to attend were nothing but complimentary about the whole experience. Thanks again for everything!  Lindsay and Tyson are both very happy!!!! Linda I highly recommend a destination wedding now!!!!!
Paradise Weddings and Travel provided a beautiful destination wedding experience for our friends.  As a guest of the wedding, we had an amazing trip at an exquisite resort.  Not only was everything organized and perfectly planned, they included extra amenities for us as we were celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary in addition to attending the wedding.  Thank you, Paradise Weddings and Travel, for the trip of a lifetime! Kelley Kosh Austin, Texas
Kim and Daniel's Wedding was like having a second honeymoon for us! From the beautiful Azul Sensatori, wonderful evening dinner on the beach, incredible wait staff and service of our room...we loved it! We love Kim and Daniel dearly...and loved being apart of their destination wedding.We hope to do a similar trip in a few years to renew our vows...we will definitely be using Paradise Weddings and travel. Denise Cochran Austin, Texas
From the planning stages until the flight home, Paradise Weddings and Travel made our trip and experience so easy and fun! There was effective communication, travel itineraries and information was clear, concise, and given to us in a timely fashion prior to the trip, and even when traveling to a foreign country, we felt at ease every step of the way. While we were in Mexico, each event we participated in was well planned, full of enjoyment, and most importantly… memorable. For future travel needs, I will absolutely use Paradise Weddings and Travel as I know my trip will be handled with care and will fit all of my travel needs. Megan Liles
I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that from the moment we contacted you until the time we got home and unloaded our suitcase we talked about our trip with excitement. With your suggestion we went to the Royal Plantation and it was everything you said it would be, and more!  The peacocks were incredible and I am a bit embarrassed at how many pictures I took of them! Everything was exactly as you said and I am not sure how you managed it, but our room had the perfect view of the beach.  Did you also plan for the full moon to be off of our balcony???? Perfection!! Anyway, the next time we need to escape from everyday life and our cell phones, we are going to call you and know that you will send us to another exotic, extraordinary destination. We are so grateful to you and thank you so much Tina!! We will contact you in about  8 months. Casey C.
In December of 2013, my wife Hannah and I took a trip to Amber Now Resort in Puerta Vallarta. It was a short trip (regretfully!) for our 14th wedding anniversary. We have travelled to many resorts over the years with Theresa Masterson as our travel agent and guide. I have to say that this time she was spot on finding an affordable resort that was off of our normal destination path and she hit it “spot on!” We had spent most of our previous trips in the Caribbean between the Yucatan, Belize, and Jamaica. She knew what we were after and what our likes are. She recommended Puerto Vallarta as a change of pace and we are glad she did. We had never been to the Pacific before and were skeptical at first. Theresa assured us that we would enjoy not only Puerta Vallarta, but also Amber Now. She was 100% correct on both counts! The resort, Amber Now, was amazing! The service was top notch; the food was unbelievable, and the room was beyond expectation. The city has a lot to offer as well: tourist attractions, gift shops, night life, an artistic flare and Saturday morning Farmer’s Market with live music. We enjoyed walking through the town Saturday visiting shops, looking at the many sculptures and art pieces, and taking in the view from the Boardwalk. I would recommend Theresa Masterson for her professionalism, knowledge, and belief that she can and will find the right vacation for you.  She did for Hannah and me for our 14th anniversary, one that we will always remember! Thanks Theresa!
Thank you so much for helping make my wedding a dream come true! Azul Fives was the perfect place to celebrate with our family and friends. We had an amazing time! Can't wait to go back! Samantha
Tina Hearn was easily accessible by email and phone. She went above and beyond to make sure that we had every ounce of information that we needed, wanted and desired for all of our destination options. She made the adventure of find a romantic, enjoyable, and unforgettable Honeymoon destination effortless and pleasurable. We were offered many amazing deals within and cheaper than our budget at multiple tropical islands (airfare, resort, excursions, etc.). We were extremely pleased with the service that we received from Paradise Weddings and Travel, recommend them, and would not go through another Destination company. Jake
Honeymoon Excursion in Europe Before our wedding we barely had time to take vacations and therefore wanted to plan an all-out honeymoon through Europe with events ranging from skiing in the Austria, to sightseeing all over Italy, to partying in Paris. Given our lack of knowledge of all things Europe we had no idea how to even start to put such a vacation together. Lucky for us, we found Kim Molina. She had a wealth of information and idea’s at her fingertips to help us put together our perfect honeymoon. After a brief consultation, she arranged every detail of our honeymoon from flights to transfers to hotels to activities. She knew of or found the best hotels, most reliable transfer services, and best locations for activities. Given all stress of planning our wedding we would have never been able to plan or conceive of such a prefect honeymoon without her. We will definitely go to Kim in the future to help us with all future vacations. Thanks Kim, you’re a lifesaver! Jack & Ashley Cook
Amazing Honeymoon Thanks To Trinity! We had an amazing honeymoon thanks to Trinity! She recommended the El Dorado Royale and it was amazing! We loved everything about the resort and we had a blast! Trinity went out of her way to help us! She was always happy to answer all of our questions and always quick to respond. We told her exactly what we wanted and she took care of everything! It helped take away the stress of planning! I would highly recommend Trinity as a travel agent and also highly recommend the El Dorado Royale! Great experience! Thank you for everything!! Thank you! Jose & Mia Pedroza
Azul Beach - Trip was fabulous! The resort was perfect for our group.  The size was small enough where we felt comfortable with the kids running back and forth from the beach, pool, bathroom, snack bar, etc. without having to follow them around each time they moved (which was every 10 minutes ).  Service was great, weather perfect (just 1 morning of rain), food awesome. Used the kids club some… not a lot though.  Was better for the little kids – but the morning it rained they all went in there.  They also popped in for face painting, puppet shows and a couple cooking things. Carlos was the entertainment guy that we really liked.  My niece who is 14 isn’t the most outgoing, but he would always make an effort to ask her to come play volleyball, etc and introduced her to  a couple girls her age. We also really liked Paul the Sommelier.  He would coordinate our meals at the next restaurant each night for us and I’m sure serving 20 people at 6pm each night wasn’t easy to coordinate and he would have food/apps waiting literally right when we sat down including an array of kid friendly food (chicken nuggets, pizza, etc). We also really liked the guys down at the beach who assigned the bali beds.  It was kind of a pain to wait each day to sign up for the next day (and usually people lined up 1 hour before) – but by mid week they were making sure we had the same bed each time and even called our room or came looking for us to ask if we wanted 2 next to each other because our group was large. Spa was also great!
El Dorado Seasides - Loved it! From the beginning this experience was awesome. Our agent Trinity was so helpful, she worked with us until she found exactly what we wanted it . We went to El Dorado seasides. It was our first time in Mexico and we loved it! Everybody was so nice,they really know how to treat tourist, the place is beautiful too! The beach was amazing. The food is great and so is the entertainment. We're definitely going to try to come back next year. Maria Griffith
El Dorado Maroma is an incredible honeymoon spot. When we first started looking at places for our honeymoon, we had no idea where to go. The only thing we knew is that we wanted to go somewhere tropical. Tina was very helpful and provided us with tons of information of all of our options. After finding out what our personality was like and what our preferences were for our honeymoon, Tina recommended El Dorado Maroma in Riviera Maya. We could not have been happier with this choice. Tina somehow managed to get us an AMAZING room upgrade months after we had originally booked. It was awesome to know that she was still thinking about making our trip even better after we had already booked our trip and everything was set. El Dorado Maroma is an incredible honeymoon spot. It is so relaxing and intimate. There are not hundreds of people at the resort, so the staff begins to know you by name and know your preferences before you leave. The view is absolutely incredible. The water is perfect and clear! We are not really beach people, but when we go to El Dorado Maroma, we were in the water most of the day! Tina and El Dorado Maroma created such a wonderful environment for a perfect honeymoon! We loved it so much, we actually went back for our 1st anniversary and are planning to go back for many years to come! Craig and Jennifer Landreneau
Riviera Maya at El Dorado Royale Trinity, thank you so much for an amazing job on booking and arranging our wonderful and very memorable trip to Riviera Maya at El Dorado Royale. It was the perfect place for our first vacation together!! Your efforts are greatly appreciated as you went beyond to fulfill our needs!! (Always in contact, sending lots of great info on our destination, upgrading our seats, checking us in, surprises when we arrived and so much more!! You're awesome!) So, again, thank you so much and we look forward to the next trip!!! Katie & Bart
El Dorado Royale in Mexico Oh man, where to start! My husband and I went to El Dorado Royale in Mexico! Lets see... When we got there we were greeted by Pedro (everyone called him Peter) and he was a little ray of sunshine :). he was so friendly and did everything that he could to help us out. Even when I left the camera on the plane :/. Well when we finally made it to the resort everyone was so friendly from the moment we stepped out of the bus! The entrance was beautiful.. and the Champagne was amazing :) lol. When we got to the reception desk we spoke to Olga and she helped us get set up in our room, she was so sweet! Finally when we got to the room I was in awe! it was beautiful! Well the rest of the 5 days we were there we spent the time in the swim up bars, on the beach, and of course in almost all of the restaurants! The pools were so relaxing especially with a drink in my hand! And the beaches! oh man! I have never really been outside of Texas except for a couple of states, so I have never seen sand so white and water so clear! I was having a hard time getting in the water because i'm not used to seeing fish swim up to me :). But I got used to it! During the 5 days we went to Playa Del Carmen (5th Avenue). It was a very fun experience and we had been told to go to a restaurant called La Parilla! So if you get the chance to go.. do it! i can not express just how beautiful the resort was, how great the food was, and how friendly everyone was! There was always someone there to greet you with a smile, and help you with anything you needed! I was AMAZING! I cant wait to go back and experience more of the things that I missed! I also want to thank Trinity Taylor! She is the one who set up our trip. I couldn't be happier having someone so amazing set up something so special for my husband and I! Rebecca H.
El Dorado Royale Hi Tina! The honeymoon was great! It definitely exceeded expectations. I'm glad I listened to you and went to Mexico. I'll send some pictures your way next week. Enjoy your holiday weekend! Thanks again! Ethan C.
El Dorado Maroma Hi Tina, I just wanted to thank you and let you know that Ken and I had a wonderful time at El Dorado Maroma. It was absolutely beautiful!! The staff was so friendly. Thank you again!! I will be calling you soon to discuss plans for our family vacation for next summer. Thank you again for the beach dinner! We loved it!! Kim
Aruba My husband and I honeymooned to the happy BEAUTIFUL island of Aruba! Hands down the prettiest place I have ever visited. Sunny and 83 with a constant breeze is the definition of perfect. We were informed about Paradise wedding and travel from a friend and I am so thankful! Trinity made our honeymoon planning an absolute breeze! She is was so thoughtful and kind throughout planning the entire honeymoon. I never once worried about the flight tickets, transportation from and to the airport or the resort we stayed at. The stay at the Riu Aruba all inclusive was phenomenal. The rooms were nice with a HUGE bed! The view we had from our balcony was breath taking. If you have the chance to visit Aruba DO IT!!! We will be returning!!! Thanks again Trinity for everything that you did for Mitch and I. Lacey G.
Disney Beach Club Resort - Walt Disney World We absolutely loved the resort. Great location. Walking distance from Epcot and a short boat ride to Hollywood Studios. Plenty of fun things to do while relaxing at the resort. The Marketplace had everything we needed and Cape May Cafe is a cute character dining restaurant on the resort. We loved it and would definitely stay there again :) Josh & Corina M.
El Dorado Casitas - Honeymoon Destination Trinity, Thank you so much for recommending El Dorado Casitas for our honeymoon, it was absolutely beautiful. The staff was so nice and always there to help you with anything you need and the suite we stayed in was breath taking. It was so nice waking up and walking out on your porch and into the pool. My husband and I both plan on going back very soon. You are great to work with and my husband and I will for sure call you when we are ready to book any trips in the future. Jared and Krystal T.
El Dorado Casitas - Honeymoon Destination Thanks to Trinity Taylor and Paradise Weddings and Travel for booking our vacation of a lifetime! What a pleasure booking through you - great rates and excellent attention to detail when it comes to what the client request. Phenomenal experience! We had the pleasure of staying at el dorado royale casita suites and had an absolute blast! The room was spacious, gorgeous, and had luxurious amenities - outdoor shower, indoor steam shower, and a jacuzzi hot tub that was located in the room! Very romantic. Our concierge Luis was such a delight and made us feel right at home as did the rest of the staff. The golf cart taxi service made it easier to get from place to place and the staff always made it fun! Iceberg beers and mojitos were our drink of choice and our favorite food experience was Fuentes, the culinary theatre and Kampai sushi cuisine. We will definitely be back! Cierra and Aj
Honeymoon Destination Thank you so much to Tina and Paradise Weddings and Travel! My new husband, Joe, and I had a fantastic experience working with Tina. She was professional, courteous and genuinely cared about our wedding. She responded to emails in a timely manner, was organized and always had the best insight. We loved that she had personal experience at each of the resorts and was able to provide great advice to ensure that Joe and I, and our guests, had the best time. Our destination wedding and honeymoon was the most incredible time of our lives. We made some irreplaceable memories!! We highly recommend Tina and her staff! Thank you so much for all you did for us! We loved every moment of it!! We loved working with Marisol at Lomas too! She made sure our wedding vision came true. I was a bit hesitant of only corresponding through emails to plan one of the biggest days of our lives, but everything turned out better than we imagined. She was detail-oriented and coordinated everything to the resort for us. Everything went smoothly, and we had a fabulous time, which even included some fun wedding crashers! We had such a good time that our guests were already planning another trip back! Thank you Marisol and Lomas for making our wedding so incredible!! Megan and Joe
3 words... A-MA-ZING!!! Our time at El Dorado Royale and Maroma was incredible! We thought we were in heaven when we got to El Dorado Royale, but them we took the 1day pass option to Maroma, and lets just say... we didn't want to leave! The staff took such good care of us and Trinity Taylor worked with them in advance to make sure we were in good hands. I'm sure it would've been amazing without her help, but she definitely added that "something special/extra touch" that really made it even more enjoyable. We will be returning there and can't wait to work with Trinity again... excited to see what she will have planned for us! Thank you Trinity and all at Paradise Weddings!!! Russell Hatfield - El Dorado Royale
Our trip to El Dorado Royale was awesome!  Trinity was fabulous from the very start.  She listened to all of our requests and made sure that we were able to book a fantastic vacation that had everything we wanted.   We loved our swim-up room which had a beautiful view of the beach from our back door.  The resort offered tons of activities including bike rentals, tennis court access, and evening entertainment. The all-inclusive service was incredible, and the staff took care of our every need, including an amazing beach-side massage.  Trinity made every effort to make our vacation unforgettable; she even arranged a candlelight dinner on the beach for us!  We would absolutely utilize Trinity for future vacation planning; she was an attentive, responsive, and very knowledgeable travel planner.  We can’t wait to have her plan our return trip! Tracey & Sarah - EL Dorado Royale
This is Nikko Torres, you recently helped us last month with Kristin and Richard Torres' wedding in Tulum, Mexico and I know it's been about a month since the actual wedding but I still wanted to say thank you so much for your services. The whole family had a wonderful time and you made the vacation process as smooth as can be. Once again, thank you for being an awesome travel agent and perhaps one day we will use your services again. Take care and God bless! Nikko Torres
Casa Velas Trinity, I can't thank you enough for planning this amazing vacation for us!!! We had the most amazing time! Casa Velas was beyond perfect! Like literally perfect! There weren't many people at the resort because it was the beginning of off season so we were spoiled rotten! The weather was perfect and the staff at Casa Velas was beyond amazing and accommodating! They went above and beyond to make sure that we were comfortable and having the best time possible.  We had a great time on the Vallarta Adventure, I will attach a picture.   I just asked Raymond what his favorite thing was about our trip and he said by far the service, the privacy, and the beach club!  It was so nice going to the beach and having everything taken care of, we just showed up and they set up spots for us by the beach or pool and immediately brought us drinks and guacamole.  Actually every time I sat down by the pool or beach they brought us the best guacamole!  I honestly can't say enough about how amazing Casa Velas was.  I would 100% recommend it to anyone wanting a nice relaxing vacation, in a 5 star place.  Ohh and did I mention the food?!? The restaurant at the hotel was soo good! Every night they did a special menu which was 5 or 6 courses and we had ZERO complaints and loved everything.  The wait staff was so spectacular and treated us like the king and queen, which was a real buzzkill coming back to reality.  One night I wasn't as hungry and I only ate a few bites of my main course.  The waiter looked at my plate and asked me if "I would like something fresh from the kitchen". He thought I didn't like it and wanted to make me something else I would like.  He was so sweet and thoughtful! They even sent a special happy birthday cake and champagne to our room one night for Raymond's birthday! Speaking of thank you so much for your welcome gift!!!! The chocolate covered strawberries were the perfect touch and much enjoyed once we got in our room. I honestly can not thank you enough for recommending and booking this trip for us! I will def be going back.... But in the mean time we are already thinking about our next trip and when we want to go.  Thinking over New Years if you have any great ideas!?! THANK YOU SO MUCH! And I look forward to planning our next adventure with you!
Mike and Kris Hey Tina, just wanted to thank you again. We had a very relaxing time at the El Dorado Maroma . The resort was great , staff couldn't have been nicer and lomas travel worked out well! The weather was unbelievable (a little too hot at times, ha) and the drinks were cold and slushy. Thank you again for your help and guidance. Back to reality!  All the best, EL DORADO MAROMA~
Burt Higgins Wedding - Generations Riviera Maya Just wanted to send you a note and thank you for all you did to make this such a wonderful time. We so appreciate all the follow up calls etc. We had a Marvelous time and no worries. The hotel was perfect and so was all the staff. I did send a note to them too. Thank you again Tina and God Bless! Ellen Metzger
Mari G. - Iceland Ketti worked with us back and forth for almost a year planning our honeymoon to Iceland.  We knew it would be a once in a lifetime trip and we wanted to make sure it was stress free - Ketti made it absolutely flawless! She gave us awesome suggestions and ideas of where we should go and she booked everything for us once we got our timeline down.  It made for a really easy trip knowing everything was prebooked and pre paid. We were give such a thorough itinerary and tour packet we didn't have any trouble navigating from day to day.  Both my husband and I have traveled some but never used a travel agent until now.  We will most certainly work with Ketti again in the future. so grateful! 
El Dorado Royale - Mike and Kris Hey Tina, just wanted to thank you again. We had a very relaxing time . The resort was great , staff couldn't have been nicer and lomas travel worked out well. The weather was unbelievable (a little too hot at times ha) and the drinks were cold and slushy. Thank you again for your help and guidance. Back to reality!  All the best,
Hello Tina, Our honeymoon was awesome! We both wish we were still there. The resort was absolutely perfect and our time there was great. We were both very impressed by the resort and all that they had to offer. The food was amazing and it was extremely relaxing on the beach. I would like to thank you for your help with planning our honeymoon and suggesting El Dorado Maroma. Everything was awesome and we wouldn't change a thing. Thanks, Clayton H. - El Dorado Maroma
Just got back from El Dorado Maroma - Palafitos and I'm blown away.  Me and my wife went there for our honeymoon and we couldn't have picked a more perfect location.  Everything was taken care of by the staff and we truly felt like royalty.  The rate we got from Tina was incredible and it wouldn't have been possible for us to go without her help!  She was fantastic to work with and I would recommend her to anyone.  Now its time to think about our next trip to Palafitos! Thanks, Austin H. - El Dorado Maroma
Just got back from El Dorado Maroma - Palafitos and I'm blown away.  Me and my wife went there for our honeymoon and we couldn't have picked a more perfect location.  Everything was taken care of by the staff and we truly felt like royalty.  The rate we got from Tina was incredible and it wouldn't have been possible for us to go without her help!  She was fantastic to work with and I would recommend her to anyone.  Now its time to think about our next trip to Palafitos! Thanks, Austin H. - El Dorado Maroma
We are so happy we decided to work with Ketti, she was beyond helpful and so patient with our sometimes difficult guests! We will definitely recommend her to our friends and family and look forward to working with her again! Emily B.. - Hard Rock, Riviera Maya
Tina, Everything was fantastic. The place is amazing and the staff was great.  I am so happy you were able to arrange the dinners as a group. It topped off a fantastic trip. We are certain to use your services again and we will highly recommend Sanctuary Cap Cana as a destination!! Glenn. - Sanctuary Cap Cana
Tina, Everything was fantastic. I filled out a detailed survey when we checked out. The check in and check out process was very professional. All of the servers were extremely kind. The scenery was absolutely beautiful. The number of pools at this location was fantastic. The beach was above average. Somewhat on the small side. The restaurants were very good. Overall I would give Sanctuary Cap Cana a nine out of 10. As far as your service to us. Simply fantastic   I have absolutely no complaints about anything. You are always very responsive. And extremely helpful throughout the whole process. John.. - Sanctuary Cap Cana
Thanks for everything. We loved everything. Close to airport. Easy check in. No lines at bars and restaurants. Perfect weather. And all the employees were outstanding. Very small resort which was ideal for getting around. Been to 5 all inclusive Caribbean resorts. The Secrets Cap Cana was the most enjoyable and relaxing thus far. Thank you for great Service  Thanks. Bob and Jen Bob and Jen - Secrets Cap Cana
Hello Tina, Hope you are well. The vacation at Sanctuary Cap Cana was amazing and the place was exceptional. Highly recommended for any of your groups. We love it so much that we would love to go back again ... maybe in the future.  You were spectacular as always and you know that we appreciate all your hard work. You pay attention to all the small or big details and you make our vacations extra special.  We look forward to seeing what you will surprise us with next year. Big hugs, Paulina - Sanctuary Cap Cana