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Travel Request Form

Please provide the information below so we may reserve your room for the wedding you are attending.  Once reserved, we will send an invoice and call you for your credit card information.

Full Name

Date of Birth

Passport Terms and Conditions:

We have given Paradise Weddings and Travel our names as they appear on our passports. Paradise Weddings and Travel is not responsible for any denied boarding situations if the name is incorrect or the passport is expired. A passport is required for travel outside of the United States. If we do not have our passports yet, we will notify Paradise Weddings and Travel of the correct information when we receive them. We are confirming our Passports are valid for at least 6 months beyond our return trip for international travel.

Initial that you have read and agree to the Passport Terms & Conditions

Guest Information

Hotel Information

Room Request

This authorization form gives Paradise Weddings and Travel permission to call for your credit card information and the authorization to use your credit card for deposits and payment toward final balance for your trip unless otherwise notified in writing to an agent with Paradise Weddings and Travel.

Will you be purchasing trip cancellation insurance?

Trip Cancellation Insurance: Cancellation penalties could be up to 100% of the cost of your vacation. If I do not purchase insurance, I am responsible for any cancellation penalties.

Thanks for submitting!

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